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We are very particular in showcasing a variety of colours and designs perfectly suited for any room type or colour scheme.

Sika coated pots

All our pots are coated with Sika which ensures your pot is much less susceptible to damage from chemicals, weather and UV rays.

Perfect for any space

Our pots are ideally suited indoors however can be placed in an outdoor setting that is covered.

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Our true passion for finding unique pieces for our home was the inspiration in creating our collection.

Picture this, two young starry eyed homeowners sitting on the floor of their new home together cultivating visions and story boards like a 1000 piece puzzle slowly slotting in to one another as they ‘’Just fit’’ to form a completed masterpiece – our home. You can imagine the kind of wild and unrealistic ideas being thrown in to the universe as the want and need for only the best, most unique pieces would reign supreme. It was agreed that the desire to have a house that gave you the same calm, vibrant energy and resemblance of a forest or a jungle was what we wanted to achieve and so a task was set! Queue the search for the perfect pots and pieces that would compliment our jungle plants spewed across the house. 

When you imagine a jungle, you think of lush greenery, birds chirping away, vibrant colours from exotic flowers blooming and fruit boasting from the trees. It’s a sight for sore eyes, we are sure you can agree?


Because we care what others say

I have always struggled to find elegant designs when it came to pots, Potanical offered various designs that were perfect for me.

Kym Joubert

Ordering my pots from the Potanical online store was super easy, the variety to choose from does make it easier for me.

Ryan Sandham

Thank you to the Potanical team I received my pots yesterday and cannot wait to get my plants in them. Its going to look stunning in my entertainment area!

Grace Sithole

Frequently Asked Questions?

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

We make use of Payfast as our preferred payment gateway. Not only is this one of the most secure payment gateways but it also provides you with multiple payment options.

We offer 2 options, self collection in greenstone or courier delivery straight to your door.

Yes you are more then welcome to come visit us! We are open from 09:00am – 17:00pm every Monday – Friday at Unit 2, The Wedge, 74 1st Rd, Linbro park, JHB. 

We will be renewing our collection every 6 months and/or as trends change. Our ultimate aim is to bring you the most beautifully crafted, unique and up to date designs.

Yes, we keep stock based on all the styles available on our website. Should that style die down, we automatically renew it with the new collection. However, all the pots displayed on the website are ready to ship on completion of order.

In the event that you cant be sure of what size to get, please check out our sizing guide or speak to our team who will all gladly assist you.

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